Future Vision of Education

Edu505 was my very first course as a Graduate student at Post University. The course was all about studying future trends in education and the final project was to create my own Future Vision of Education/ call to action using the educational context of my choice. The topic that was new to me and most interesting to me was “innovation killers.” I had never really considered before how the attitude of “it won’t work” or “it can’t be done” impacts the future acceptance and assimilation of change. This concept has in fact matured my ideas for the “call to action” on my FVE because I will now be calling for my educational context to realize what the negativity is doing to the future of our school. SO MANY of the faculty members are resistant to change and are afraid to take risks. I believe I fall somewhat into this category, but not totally. I now realize that thinking “oh no, that can’t happen” is killing the vibe that the futurists are trying to get us to create and imagine.

My thoughts about the future of education changed after taking this course because I used to be really afraid of the future of education. It seemed like something that was going to make me question my role in the teaching profession, but after reading and interacting with each of the weekly articles and videos, I feel that the future of education is nothing to be afraid of, and instead, something that I need to spread positivity about and talk openly with my colleagues about. Before, I never thought I would want to partner with my administrators to help show the staff new technology, but now, it is something that I will highly consider.

Do you guys believe you fall into the category of “innovation killers” like I believe I once did?
Carroll, Jim. [Jim Carroll]. (2009, October 31). Innovation Killers [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7l5idpx1w8


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