EDU520 Reflection

EDU 520 was my second course in my Graduate degree program. The class focussed on getting us to research, understand and create all through the use of technology. We had many different projects ranging from individual ones, to a group project. This was the first time that I had ever done a group project online without actually ever seeing or meeting up with my classmates, so this was definitely a new topic for me. I have to say that my group did a really great job of communicating with each other and getting the wikisite up and running. Click here to check it out!

The topic that caught my interest the most from my coursework in EDU520 and what I will not forget from this course if the online identities assignment. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the other educators that have PLEs, especially Kathy Schrock. I was really impressed by the empire that she has built herself through her online persona. I would like research more in depth about flipping the classroom (for special education students in particular) because I feel that most scholarly articles, journals, etc. talk about how to incorporate technology in/out of the classroom assuming all students learn the same way and have the same abilities and resources. I would like to find out if flipping the classroom has worked for other special education teachers, and how they went about doing so/getting parents engaged and involved. Researching other educators with exceptional PLEs more on my own can potentially provide me with all of the information I am seeking, and since taking this course, I know just where to look to find what I need!

If I could share one piece of advice with the next class, I would tell them to pay attention to weekly updates sent out by the professor because they often have helpful hints to get you started on the assignments, that maybe the brief discussion post does not have in it. I also would tell them to read all of the articles assigned for the week because they all connect together and if one seems a little “too hard” if you keep reading the other ones, you can understand the gist of what the difficult article was trying to explain. It is truly an eye opening course!


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